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About AlbalexNET

AlbalexNET is our international network of industry specialists, attorneys and advisors that we have curated over time, and we can draw on that network to procure the provision of the services you need as part of your project.  

Of course you may already have advisors, or you may need advisors that are not yet a part of AlbalexNET, so we will apply our same principles of project management to any advisors you request us to work with and manage on your behalf.

Project Management Services

Managing any project can be a challenge, and managing a legal project can a whole other beast.  Specialist advisors, multiple jurisdictions, disjointed fees and billing cycles, translating legalese into basic business common sense? You should be focused on building your business and not managing all of the legal and compliance projects that arise frequently within the digital and space sectors.

With a dedicated Albalex Advisor as your lead project manager, we can synchronise all of your external legal and regulatory advice to keep a project on time, on budget, and in scope. We can manage your time, your spend and bust any jargon so that you focus on decision making and taking your business forward.

As a project manager we take a low percentage based fee calculated on the overall project budget; all experts fees are left untouched, no mark up, so you have a transparent understanding of our fee and the fees paid direct to those experts working on your project.  To understand how we can help you manage your legal projects please contact us to discuss more details.

Join AlbalexNET


We recognise the areas our clients need support, whether that is intellectual property experts, attorneys, compliance consultants, strategic management consultants, analytics, or sector specific marketing niches, and we are keen to connect with experts who wish to join AlbalexNET.  Please contact us for a discussion about how AlbalexNET works, and how you can be a part of a new way of legal project management in the digital and new space sectors.

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